Mavis Peaks


Class: Level! Intensity! Waves! Short Hair Tips & Tricks

Learn the edge of cutting, styling and a pop of color to take your clients style to another level. Join Mavis Peaks as she will demonstrate an approach to make your style pop with textured cutting and beautiful waves. Wow your clientele and have them coming back for more every time.

Mavis Peaks has many titles from salon business owner , stylist , educator, and entrepreneur. Mavis has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry. She is the owner of Endivo Hair Gallery located in Durham, North Carolina. Upon graduating from Arnold’s Beauty College , Mavis passion for the beauty industry has taken her around the world to educate our upcoming beauty professionals. She has worked for companies such as Dudley Products , Influence Products , Design Essentials, and Team Hollywood with Patric Antonio Bradley. As a great stylist, Mavis understands she must to continue learning in order to be at the top of the industry.

Mavis Peak is constantly learning and creating in order to be an effective educator and well known trailblazer on the rise. Like any knowledgeable educator, Mavis Peaks stays abreast and keep her skills “on point” by educating herself as well as others in the industry. Mavis Peaks is an artist who sets the bar high for “short hair “ trends in both hairstyling and makeup.

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